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braga city narrative

Braga is a Portuguese city, founded by the Romans as Bracara Augusta, with over 2000 years of history in constant development, growth and expansion. In the north of Portugal.

Braga is the seat of a municipality with 183.4 square kilometers area, a population of 181,494 inhabitants (2011) [1] and 137 000 inhabitants in its urban area (2012) (3rd largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon and porto), being the center of the old named Minho region, with over one million inhabitants. A place full of culture and traditions, where history and religion live side by side with the technology industry and the university.

In 2012 it was honored as European Youth Capital, granted by the European Youth Forum and has developed many cultural initiatives, social, political and economic.
In the Iron Age, developed the so-called "forts". These were own settlements occupying high ground relief. The Celts were the inhabitants and, in this particular region, the Brácaros (in Latin, Bracari) inhabited, that would name the city after its founding and the Romans have forced the people come down to the valley.

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